Mendip Financial Services

Mission Statement

                                       Treating Customers Fairly


At Mendip Financial Services we continually aim to be the company that clients are happy to do business with and are happy to recommend to their friends and family.


We will deal openly and honestly with our clients and ensure we and our clients have a clear understanding of their needs and values.


Using our expertise we will tailor our advice to meet the unique requirements of our clients and never presume that ‘one size fits all’.


We appreciate our role is not only as an advisor but as an educator to our clients. We will communicate only what we know and won’t pretend to know things we don’t.


At Mendip Financial Services we will not make commitments that we cannot meet, and if we are requested to do something which we can’t we will explain why and offer suitable alternatives.


We understand, sometimes things go wrong. At Mendip Financial Services we have a structure in place to rectify any issues that may arise.


At Mendip Financial Services we agree an individual servicing solution which meets each and every clients needs and make sure this is achievable by using our computer based management systems.